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Serving the Houston community, we are a family owned small business who is overly passionate on quality rather than quantity. Cozy Paws Resort & Spa will be the leading dog grooming services brand in the Houston-Richmond area and will offer outstanding grooming services at our location.


Regardless of your needs we're here to take care of your beloved pet. Here, at Cozy Paws, we come to work because we love our animals. Our promise is to treat your pet with love and affection, clean them with quality products, and style them to your liking. Please contact us so we can discuss the details and I can meet your furry friend. 


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Grooming - While each dog is unique, we try to provide the best pricing. Please call us to discuss grooming options!
Boarding - Going out of town? Our boarding options are perfect with hands on play time and care.
Doggy Daycare - Work can be busy and our doggy daycare is perfect for your dog to get hands on care and fun while you work!
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